Traffic Light Photos Enjoyment

As I travel throughout the country, mostly on the east coast, I’ve always kept my eyes open for unique traffic signal setups. Whether it’s an old signal from the 40s or 50s that is still doing its duty or a more modern configuration that just have a great presence, traffic light photos seems to be one of those things most people don’t necessarily have on their list of things to bring home. However, I try to capture them in their collective bunch of pixels.

These photos don’t have a place in my collection. Although some of them would look quite nice hanging on a wall in an 12 x 18 frame, they’re not signals that I own. I happen to be passing by, whipped out my camera, and captured it for posterity. They have a spot on the slider on my website’s landing page. I invite you to cycle through them. There are some gems.

Elmyra, NY beacon

Every once in a while, I’ll capture something that I’m glad I did. For example, you’ll see an old GE fixed 4-way beacon from Elmyra, New York. That signal sat at the entrance to a bottle manufacturing plant. I was there for a couple of days shooting a training video. On the last day, I took out one of the video cameras and recorded some footage of that great, old signal. The command lenses really caught my eyes. It wasn’t more than a few years later that the plant’s entrance underwent a reconstruction. Gone was that signal. Fortunately, I have it captured on video and have a nice still of it.

Traffic lights at dusk with a crescent moon in the sky.

Other traffic light photos are of quite modern signals. They’re usually lit in some way or have something going on around them that made the photo somewhat “required” on my part. An example of that would be the photo with the crescent moon behind the signal. Every once in a while, things just line up to make for a great photo.

The latest camera that I’ve been quite happy with is my little Canon SX260. It’s a compact point-and-shoot camera that takes good HD video along with impressive stills through its 20x optical zoom lens which has a 25 to 500mm equivalent. Battery life is kind of lousy, so I carry an extra battery. I really should buy another.

So, I invite you to take a few minutes on the landing page and check out some of the cool photos that I’ve taken over the years. And thanks for stopping by.

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