Replacement Light Bulbs for Yacker Tracker Traffic Lights


Are you looking for replacement light bulbs for your AGI Yacker Tracker stop light? Maybe you've seen companies that are trying to screw you over because of what might appear to be a specialized piece of equipment. It's not. It's a plastic enclosure with little light bulbs with certain requirements. I've found sellers asking stupid amounts of money, $86, $199, $124, and even $127 for 10 tiny light bulbs. There's no reason to charge that. What they're banking on is you not realizing that these "Yacker Tracker bulbs" are generic 12-volt 3-watt bulbs. These sould cost a few bucks. Eff them for trying to take advantage of someone who is likely using this contraption for a classroom.

Attention Getters, Inc. used to sell replacement bulbs. They stopped shortly after they started to build their LED-based lights. For a while they recommended you go through some third-party companies to buy them. They no longer even list them on their site. They want you to just buy a new one at $140. But why? Especially if you just need a bulb or two. It's not in their best interest to help you keep your old stuff going.

And at these prices, it almost makes more sense to buy a new Yacker Tracker. The new ones have LED lights that are unlikely to burn out. So, you spend another $140 on a new one. Ouch. But you just need a light bulb!


AGI Yacker Tracker with new bulb

My Yacker Tracker with it's $1 light bulb.

Yacker Tracker bulbs for a very reasonable price.

Now THAT'S better! Click to use this link!

I mean, buy a new one if you like. But I, being a frugal nerd, took it upon myself to do some sleuthing. The bulbs are nothing special. But they are required to handle 12 volts, output 3 watts, and have an E10 (10mm) screw base. After obtaining some careful measurements from one of my existing bulbs, it wasn't too difficult to hit Amazon and find exactly what I needed at a fraction of the price that those other swindlers were pushing. What fraction? About 1/10 the average asking price.

I received the bulbs and stuck one into my older Yacker Tracker. It works beautifully.

Here are the details...

CEC Industries #3966 12-volt, 3-watt bulbs with an E10 screw-in base for just north of $11 at the time of this writing. I hope you'll honor me by using my link, from which I'll get a small pittance for recommending these bulbs.

So, the lesson here? If it doesn't seem like it should be ten times more expensive than you thought, it probably isn't. Shocking that there are people out there trying to screw you over and don't care about you. Take care of yourself. I hope this helps.

Notice how these sellers are pushing “Yacker Tracker” bulbs, like they’re something special.

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