Traffic light decorations? Sure!

I know people who decorate their homes with cows. And I also know people who are into moose. It doesn’t matter what you’re into. You can decorate your house with just about anything you want, so why not traffic light decorations?

The first traffic signal to adorn the home as decorations that I can recall was the 4-way, glow-in-the-dark chain pull that so many homes had in the 1970s. Believe it or not, they’re popping up on eBay – some still in their original packaging. And every once in a blue moon, I’ve seen the ash tray with the signal in the middle that says “We’re 20, In ’40, And Going Like 60”. Things like that make it easy to tell when something was made. I guess decorations like that are not found that often in as many homes as they once were, but I guess that’s one more reason to find them fascinating.

More recently you can often find lamps, nightlights, wall clings, and magnets. But if you look hard enough, you’ll come across traffic light decorations that run the gamut, from salt-and-pepper shakers to paperweights. Here are some great pieces that are perfect for your home, whether simply a conversation piece or something that’s actually functional. I mean, who wouldn’t want to adorn their home with the beauty of traffic control devices? Here, you’ll find all sorts of great pieces to hang on your walls or display on your coffee table.

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