Traffic light toys of all sizes

Traffic light toys, and I’m including hobbies in this, are a natural accessory for kids, big and small, especially those who played with cars and trucks. I was no different. Early on, I drew traffic lights, made them out of cardboard, and cut out construction paper to make them. My first of my traffic light toys was probably the “signal bridge” from the Fisher Price Little People town. It was a four-way signal hanging from a “stone” overpass that connected the two sections of the little village. I wanted desperately to remove it from the bridge and keep it separate. No luck. You’ll see it below. But as I collected more and more signals, I learned how many toy traffic lights were really made for children. I’ve come across many different sizes and they all come in differing detail, from traffic light toys that are simply stickers placed into a piece of plastic, to battery-powered signals that change automatically over a pre-set period of time. As an adult, not only do I see traffic signals being included into hobbies like holiday displays and train sets, but I also re-discover the signals I played with and let go as a kid and can now reconnect with them, even if it’s not the exact one that I played with. Still, the memories come flooding back.

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