Bring your other passion to church

Brought my passion to church

Brought my passion to church

When you have a hobby so uncommon as mine, it’s very rare that you get to openly talk to others about it, let alone have someone ask you about it and be able to see much of it. Any moments like that are very few and far between – and thoroughly enjoyed.

My church had a little event last weekend called “Bring Your Other Passion to Church”, highlighting collections, skills, or hobbies of some of the church members. I was supposed to have to work all weekend, but the job got cancelled last-minute. I didn’t mind because I don’t get paid any extra if I have to work over the weekend. The church had one last table available for a display so I signed up, excited for the rare opportunity to show off my odd hobby. I schlepped in a few of my signals, big and small and was able to surprise quite a few people with my collection. Being one of the resident video/audio/computer nerds at the church, seeing me standing in front of a sizable (though not nearly the whole) collection of traffic lights, was quite a departure from what others expected. It’s an enjoyable day when people come up to you and ask about your traffic lights. I even met one church member who even used to work for Eagle Signals back in the day. Who woulda thunk?

The most common questions I was asked were “How did you get into collecting traffic lights?” and “Where do you keep them?” Then there were the obligatory “Wow, I didn’t realize they were THIS BIG!” statements. A day thoroughly enjoyed.

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